Partners – Italy

Liceo Giovanni Da Procida – Salerno, Italy

Age of students 14-18
There is a main school and a branch school. The main subjects are Italian, Maths, Physics, Latin, English and Chemistry

The main aims of our school are:

• increasing the use of modern I.T. technologies for a didactic purpose
• favoring the study of foreign languages
• favoring relations with universities
• Improving students’ skills and abilities

The main school is in Via De Falco, the branch school is in via Urbano II. There are 48 classes, 1228 students, 85 teachers, two language labs, 4 multimedial labs, two I.T.labs (with 130 work stations in the main school and 50 in the branch school) , four scientific labs, a Lim in each classrom, four video rooms. Besides traditional courses, to offer students more alternatives there is a scientific technological course where Latin has been substituted by I.T. studies while in the socio economic course two languages are studied: English or Spanish.

The head teacher is professor Annalaura Giannantonio.
Modernization and innovation are considered  strategic  elements which lead to a continuous improvement based on students’ and parents’ requests and on the relationship with external realities, therefore our school has grown up conforming to Total Quality Management models, used as a means of auto-assessment. Our offer implies a wide range of activities aiming at raising our students’ interest in school matters, reinforcing their skills and abilities in some school subjects and preparing them to easily find a job after leaving school.

New computer technologies both as a means of communication and learning are used. Liceo Scientifico G. da Procida has been selected as one of the best schools  in the province of Salerno and as one of the best administrations in Italy in the second edition of Premio Quality (a recognition of quality). Extra-curricular activities are taken into consideration by teachers to enrich the curricular activities they perform, in order to make them more stimulating for students.

As for languages, students can attend courses to get different kinds of certificates (ISE, K.E.T., P.E.T., F.C.E., C.A.E., I.E.L.T.S.)
Every year our students can join different kinds of intellectual competitions (the so- called kangourous or Olympiads) concerning Chemistry, Philosophy, I.T., Physics, Maths, English. The good results they have always had in such competitions have increased their self-esteem and satisfaction with the school they are attending.

Many other projects are carried on both in the mornings and in the afternoons. There are seminars on astronomy, music, civil engagement, history, health, environment, science and ethics.


Liceo Da Procida has a music group. There is also a wide range of sports activities: our sports teams get remarkable results in quite all the fields.

Our students have been abroad several times thanks to various PON projects. Besides they have also had experiences in some businesses in the north of Italy (Rimini) thanks to the financial support of the POR projects.

The school has an art and drama department and has been taking part in drama competitions for years. In particular in 2010 our institute got the second prize at the Turin national short film festival thanks to an innovative short movie they made. In 2011 Liceo Da Procida joined the Telese Artemisia festival. Two years ago Cyrano de Bergerac shown at Salerno drama circuit was much appreciated. Last year we joined the so called “ Inclusion theatre” thanks to the performance of some students who interpreted John Lennon’s Imagine using the Italian sign language.

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