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The Geniko Lykeio Kastritsiou has 30 teachers and 270 students (age range 15-18). It is situated by the campus of the University of Patras. This proximity to the University offers many opportunities to the students and teachers for further development of their lessons and also presents an international dimension to the educational process.
The majority of the teachers have many years of experience and hold a degree in post-graduate studies and/or a PhD. The school stands out for its high standard of teaching, cooperation, shared aims and team spirit.

Since its founding in 2000, qualities such as respect, freedom of expression, taking initiatives, creativity, innovative actions, continuous communication and interaction among teachers, scientific and community bodies form its basic framework.

The education offered allows students to attain their goals and this is demonstrated by the percentage of students who succeed in the University entrance exams each year.
Furthermore, there are many activities going on in the school which show the framework in which our students learn, develop and broaden their horizons on many and various issues: European programs (Comenius, Erasmus+), participation in student conferences (e.g. Euroscola, Model of United Nations), school-twinning.

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By taking part in this two-years Erasmus+ project on European Theatre through Romeo and Juliet both teachers and students involved believe that they gain the opportunity to interact with European colleagues and students and expand through this interaction their theatrical experience and knowledge as well as the European dimension of education offered by the Geniko Lykeio Kastritsiou.

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