Partners – France

Espace Scolaire Condorcet – St-Quentin, France

Our comprehensive school, Espace Scolaire Condorcet, which is located in the Hauts-de-France region, is actually made up of a general and technical school and of a vocational one. About 2,000 pupils, students and apprentices attend it. Our 12-hectare area includes a boarding school hosting 250 pupils. Our pedagogical and educational staff (200 teachers and 5 year heads) are fully committed to helping each pupil achieve a successful education and blossom on a cultural and civic level.

Our school offers many training courses (leading to 8 higher national diplomas, 5 types of general and technical A-levels, 11 vocational A-levels…) as well as a curriculum for sportsmen as part of a collaboration with training centres for football, cycling and basketball. We also offer a specific curriculum « European section » which enables students who are interested in deepening their English skills to be taught physics in English and to take part in projects with foreign partners.

A key approach at Espace Scolaire Condorcet is indeed the development of international relationships to open our pupils’ minds and broaden their education. Our school has therefore been involved in various European projects for several years, either via bilateral exchanges or within Comenius/Erasmus+ projects. Our partner schools are located in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, the Netherlands, Ireland…