Mobilities – Greece

January 29th – February 3rd, 2018

The fourth mobility of the Erasmus+ project “juliet@romeo” took place in Patra, Greece.

The mobility was organized by the Geniko Lykeio Kastritsiou and especially by the 10-member pedagogical team of the Erasmus+ project, coordinated by Giannis Gkotsis and Alexandra Karkatsa.  The 12 guest students from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the 20 participating Greek students and the 18 accompanying teachers (including the Greek team) had a great opportunity to exchange both learning and everyday experiences, spend plenty of time together, work together on drama, share thoughts and feelings, have a lot of fun together, dance a lot.

Being hosted by Greek families allowed the guest students to experience Greek hospitality, taste the Greek cuisine and become members of the families for one week. All of the students made new friends and learned a lot about each other. The great thing was that when they went out, they were altogether, they were a large cheerful company using their English, Greek, French, German, Italian, Spanish and of course body language!

The activities in which all groups took part:

Monday, January 29

  • Presentation of Geniko Lykeio Kastritsiou
  • Short tour of school – Taking our Erasmus+ Photo (photo of the mobility)
  • Drama workshop 1: Romeo & Juliet– Discovering Union Amongst Controversies (drama therapy workshop for young people through story, movement-with-touch-and-sound, drama, play and improvisation).
  • Ancient Greek language workshop


Tuesday, January 30

  • All-day trip to Epidaurus / Nafplio (visit to Epidaurus’ ancient theatre and Museum, Sanctuary of Asclepius, City of Nafplio)

Wednesday, January 31

  • University campus: Museum of science and technology:
  • Exhibition of Greek Theatre: “A Journey from Ancient to Modern Theater”
  • Presentation on Ancient Greek Theatre by Dr. Evgenia Pierri, Headteacher of Geniko Lykeio Kastritsiou
  • Short dramatizations of ancient Greek tragedies by students
  • Guided tour of the exhibition
  • Guided tour in the M.S.T.


Thursday, February 1

  • Students attended classes at school
  • Visit to the « Small Theatre of Melina Merkouri », at the University of Patras
  • Drama workshop 2 “Theatrical play and incorporated theater techniques” by Dr. Maria-Maro-Galani, Choreographer, Special education staff at University of Patras
  • Visit to a laboratory in the Electronic Engineering Department of the University of Patras


Friday, February 2

  • Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Patras
  • Visit to the Achaia Claus winery
  • Visit and guided tour to the municipal theatre “Apollo”
  • Afternoon at the school:
    -Meeting with the Mayor of Patras, Mr. Costas Peletides
    -Greek dance workshop
    -Farewell Costume Party (Carnival party)


Saturday, February 3

  • Visit to St. Andrew’s Church (Cathedral)
  • Visit to the Roman Odeon
  • Walk down to King George Square