La paradoja amorosa

In the spanish class, students had to work on « the paradox of love » related to the Erasmus+ project, juliet@romeo…

Carnival posters

Posters made by first-year pupils (2de6) to promote the Romeo and Juliet-themed carnival day taking place at our school on February 13th (Mardi Gras).

Biographical movie on William Shakespeare

The project is the making of a biographical movie on William Shakespeare with 13/14 -year- old pupils of the Villard de Honnecourt Junior High School.

Before working on the writing of a biography, the students were introduced to the understanding of biographical narratives.

Then the aim was to make the comprehension of the biographical text understandable to all, working on reading aloud and on selecting pictures illustrating William Shakespeare’s life.

All of the students in groups of three created a film using the Movie Maker program.

Finally the pupils made a joint movie based on the strong points of all of their productions.

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Re-write Act 2

All year long, the students of 1ère S-ES Euro have been working on Romeo and Juliet, in relation with the ERASMUS project Juliet @ Romeo and with their future exchange with Italy.

After studying the life of Shakespeare and the differences between modern Drama and Shakespearian Drama, their task was to re-write Act II scene 2 in a contemporary light, in order to show that even if Romeo and Juliet was written more than 400 years ago, it still reflects and tackles concerns and issues just as topical as ever.

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